ARC is a File Sharing APP used in Whatsapp , Since Whatsapp does’nt allow file sharing i created this app for easy sharing of files :

This app allows you to send ANY unsupported file formats through popular messaging platform WhatsApp, for example zip files, android apps(apks), subtitles, or even whole movies (WhatsApp’s file size limit is about 100MB (July 2016), so split if necessary). Basically just click the encode button, either enter the file path manually or use the choose dialog to select the file you want to send as Input File. The output file is auto-completed if you use the choose item otherwise manually fill it yourself as well. Select Encode to mask the file as a PDF, then proceed to share via WhatsApp. To convert a PDF back, the process is pretty much the same. Choose Decode at the main screen, select the file as input, decode it to your output file and that’s it. For convenience, Decode’s choose option is the WhatsApp path. The last document on the list is the last document that was sent to you. Of course both parties need to have ARC installed. Sender encodes, receiver decodes. You can send files directly from your file browser, gallery, etc by Sharing via ARC. You can directly decode received files from WhatsApp by opening the pdf file with ARC.

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