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Hello Users, Welcome to Official ChatterBox Channel , Here you can Get the Newest Updates on the app and Below I’m Writing a Text File Containing All the Uses of ChatterBox and How it’s made .



Comes with ChatterBox Services ! see FAQ for Further Details

Custom Themes Are  Now Supported !

Add New Stickers ! With the Stickers Update You can create ones or Download New ones !


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

New Update :

Introducing Chatterbox Services , ChatterBox is Providing a Host of web services like Downloading youtube videos , Prisma for Chatterbox , converting Any image to pdf and a host of other free services to use them Just Download the Latest Update (New One: Logan themed Chatterbox) , There are More Free Services Joining the Channel So Stay Tuned to ChatterBox Q&A and There are More to Discover in the APP itself so Download Now!

What is ChatterBox ?


ChatterBox is a free messaging service ,used for sending messages ,Photos,Videos, and Other Important Files . The Application is Based on Telegram API so that we can utilize the cloud services provided and End to End Encryption is present in the app and Want More : Use the secret chat 2.0 for self destructing messages within 2sec to 5mins.


So why choose ChatterBox ?


This is the most common Question asked ever , This App Allows users to send and Receive any type of files evercreated Say: Zip,Docs,Pdfs,games,apks the list goes on…..

The Most useful feature of the app is , you can Send any Number of Photos(Whatsapp:10 limit) , Upto 10GB of files or Videos(Whatsapp:30Mb limit).

How does the App Work ?


The App relies on Telegram API so that you messages are safe in Telegram Database and Added Security by Giving us the Verify by Number Option , Telegram API used in the app allows us to connect with users of other OS (Windows Phone, Apple) who are using Telegram , So why use Chatterbox ,incase we can use Telegram, Well ChatterBox has Modified Upgrades from Telegram , say the upload limit for Telegram is fixed at 3 GB while in ChatterBox you can send upto 10GB of files , The Next thing is Themes , Themeing According to the taste of the users is a big Thing in ChatterBox , Users can request Themes in ChatterBox QandA Channel and the theme will be delivered within the next week, For Example Take Light Users : The app is made less in Size which is at 13MB and Heavy Users : The app is sized at 20MB which has the Modified Themes .Secret Chat 2.0 is a major chat implemented in the new version , we can set a timer for messages to self destruct , so when the user opens the message it will be automatically destructed within the time limit .

24/7 Live Dedicated Helping Channel !!

There are TWO live Channels :

ChatterBox Official:

In this channel all the new information is Updated about the app and New updates will be sent in this channel as the official Playstore Version is not yet updated , All the new Updates will be delivered onto the device using this Channel and the official website .

ChatterBox QandA :

In this Channel Users can send their Queries , Request for New Features in the new updates and Ask for Help Anytime in the Group , There are dedicated people working for Helping out People Who have Problems , One More Important thing is That Users can Request new Themes , Personalized Themes Are a Thing in ChatterBox .

Telegram API

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